Corporate Training

No matter which type of engagement you choose, Andrea Jones delivers an interactive program, with actionable takeaways, based on science-backed methodology. Most importantly though, it’s INTERESTING and ENTERTAINING! Because nobody learns when they’re bored!

  • Keynotes

  • Half day training

  • Full day training 

  • Customized training

  • Corporate retreats and conferences


Slay Your Corporate
Culture Killers

The most deadly corporate culture killers are a lack of trust and poor communication. Though both are typically seen as “soft skills” they definitely have a hard impact on your profitability. Positively build a company of true character, based on a rock solid foundation of authenticity and real connection for every person on your team.

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The Power of
Understanding Other People

Understanding other people gives you insights into what’s driving their behaviour and the decisions they make. That’s powerful! Armed with that kind of information you can adapt your communication style to suit their needs, giving you a nearly magical ability to sway people to your way of thinking. Imagine what you and your team could do with this kind of know-how.

Leadership Super Power Andrea Jones

Leadership Superpowers -
Charisma, Persuasion and Influence

The science proves transformational leaders get remarkable results. Period. These masters of magnetism can mobilize people under one clear cut vision, they easily navigate conflict because they have the ability to see multiple sides of every issue and they’re acutely adept at finding better ways to get things done. These are all traits that can be learned and honed to get the outcomes you want and crush your corporate goals.

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