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Because no one comes with a user’s manual.

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Your Success…

depends on your communication intelligence and skill.

Here’s a secret: The person sitting across from you is always telling you what they’re feeling AND how they make decisions. You just have to know what to look and listen for, but most people don’t.

Want to be one of the few that do?

“In one session with Andrea, I finally understood where my wife was coming from after 31 years of marriage! She has also helped me gain clarity on my strengths, passions and how I could best serve others in my community. The exciting thing has been how quickly opportunity followed clarity.” — Alex C.

The way you communicate…

directly affects the quality of your life, personally and professionally. 

The better you are at it, the more successful you’ll be in all your relationships. You can get more done because people understand you, your vision and what you need them to do. That’s the power that comes with masterful communication. That’s what it means to be charismatic. 

The most charismatic people among us know how to make people lean in. They easily get buy in and people willingly follow because they’ve mastered the art and science of communication.

And it’s all learnable!



This kind of knowledge is powerful!

Imagine what it would be like to:

• Conquer the fear of rejection
• Have a team that enjoys productively working together
• Get over your worries about being too “salesy”
• Understand exactly how to meaningfully connect with people
• Stop stressing about people understanding your value or your company’s
• Confidently present your point of view to anyone
• Know when you’ve made a real connection with someone

“Andrea empowers people to use their voice to speak their truth. She is also passionate about sharing all the research that has been done on the power of the mind.” - Susanne H.